I AM OFFERING A WAY OF TRAINING with the intention TO:


All exercises have a base foundation. Learn the foundation and take that into more complex movement patterns

1.  Reset/Release Your Body Through Self Myofascial Release

Our bodies train and move better when they are supple, elastic and free. Myofascial release is a self-massage technique that helps address the root of dysfunction by releasing tightness in isolated areas of the body, breaking down hardened and scarred muscle tissue as to hydrate the fascia to a healthy state.

We do this to prepare the body to a place of adaptability to rewire in new fasciae/muscle associations, by doing corrective and foundational exercises. 

I teach my clients easy steps in Self Myofascial techniques. All you need is a ball saving you money you’d usually spend on a massage. Self Myofascial release can set you on a path of freedom and body openness that can change your body more than hours in the gym ever could.


2.  Bring Your Posture Into Balance

Once the body has been released through myofascial techniques the body is not only ready but in a better place of adaptability to bring the body into balance and start working on structural integration. (This is where the real work starts)

We will start connecting new fascia/muscle chains by using corrective and foundational exercises. (These can be done at home on your own doing a specific training program) If you can work with a Functional Patterns practitioner this can be progressed as the techniques used are only only known by Functional Patterns practitioners which have yielded the best results worldwide and are showcased through Instagram and Facebook.

 Training with this method will make good posture second nature and will extend to all areas of your life.

When our bodies have a strong foundation in correct posture – injuries and bad movement habits are minimised, putting us in good stead for a long life of strength and freedom of movement.


3.  Test and Strengthen Movement Patterns 

Once new muscle fascia/associations have been integrated it’s time to affirm these new patterns through dynamic exercise. this is also a testing tool as to see if the previous process of corrective and foundational exercises are transferring over to dynamic movement.

Firstly you will learn the foundation of all basic movement patterns (squats, Lunges, transverse twist, swings, press and rows etc) and from there build more complex and challenging exercises to deepen the the fascia/muscle associations/connections with the intension of structurally integrating the whole body so as it works as a whole/thorough unit.

Strengthening Movement Patterns is about pinpointing incorrect techniques (disfunction) and setting new habits. (Quality movement) I will take you through movements with core stabilisation and ensure you are using the correct muscles in the prescribed exercise. This prevents over compensation in other muscles, that can create imbalances.

These foundation techniques are applied pre workout, often as a warm-up. These are a static exercise or a very slow movement that enables us to pick up when a deficiency may creep in, so we can correct it immediately. When doing an exercise slowly with concentration you can bring more mindfulness to your posture– a key element to bring to every workout.


4.  Train You Through Mindful and
            Dynamic Functionality

Now that a strong foundation has been set we transition to more dynamic Functional Training. I am so passionate about this because it is directly applicable to how we move in every day life. 

Humans use rotational forces through all planes of motion in almost everything we do, whether it be carrying groceries, lifting your kids, working as a tradie or playing a sport; running, climbing, surfing. Whatever your lifestyle, it’s important the type of training you choose is one that best optimises those movements to enhance your life.

I take a multi-facet approach of functional training through posture to achieve a freer stronger body. With this new level of balance and physical intelligence we will take on dynamic and powerful movement patterns using Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Cables, Bosu, TRX and Cable Rod among other equipment.

As the intensity increases the Functional Movement Patterns become more exciting and Demanding as you move through all planes of motion challenging balance with core stabilisation.