Words From My Clients


Stephanie Bhim

Training through Functional Patterns has given me a heightened awareness of body’s alignment in everyday activities. Slouching and hunching at my desk feels uncomfortable now and it actually feels normal to sit up straight (!) Consequently, the tension in my shoulders and neck has now gone.
I also find myself naturally correcting the way I bend, lift and stretch for things around the house and feel so much stronger in my day to day in a way I never realised before.
Sam is an incredible trainer, motivator and educator. He has changed my perception of what it means to work-out and be truly fit. 


Anthony Finnemore

Sam has been my trainer at various points over the past 4 years or so, we have worked together in a 1on1 PT sessions and group classes. During this time not only has Sam's knowledge and training styles evolved and adopted  but he has been able to work through various injuries that I have picked up. I think that sam is one of the few trainers around that passionately believes in what he is doing and wants for nothing more than you achieving your goals and maintaining a fit and active lifestyle. Regardless of where you are on your training journey i am sure that he will be able to show you a few new ways of working out.


Jamie Woodbridge

Sam's passion for fitness and his dedication to crafting the right program for each of his clients is why I'll never use another personal trainer. Been seeing him for three years and he's not only my fitness guru but also a good mate.

Jo Lindsay

I travelled interstate to spend a couple of days doing some intensive training with Sam, which he generously accommodated. Sam did a great job analysing my mechanics and helping me understand and apply better posture, movement and breathing. He was very patient but also great at pushing me to step up. I’m really excited that there is an optimal state of movement I can work towards now rather than just managing pain. Hope to be back soon Sam! Thank you 😀

William Carter

When you train with Sam you will learn something about your own body. You’ll become very familiar with your body’s deficiencies (which are valuable to know) and then feel yourself filling in those gaps as you train. Very cool, very specific stuff that you won’t get through traditional personal training. Most importantly, the progress is visible and he’s been tracking it with pictures/video along the way. Highly recommend!

Daniel Zisti

having walked into Lightfoot Functional Fitness knowing i have a few issues, imbalances and injuries that needed assessing, Sam was able to pick up on the problems straight away, ones that i didnt even know i had. wasting no time getting straight into it, he got me using muscles i didnt even know existed, with noticeable differences in my posture even just after a couple of exercises.
coming from a sporting background and an avid gym goer, i can honestly say this was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding workouts i have done.
i would highly recommend Sam to anybody that wants an overhaul in postural correction and functional mobility/fitness.
i look forward to the journey ahead.

Rowan Togami Rowen

Sam is a very patient, intelligent trainer who can help you with those nagging injuries and posture problems we all acquire from bad habits or too much desk work. I came here with nagging pain in my shoulder, after 3 sessions I've seen huge improvement. Functional Patterns methodology really works and Sam really knows his stuff, highly recommended.