If you are someone who suffers from pain, or gets injured often,
the Functional Patterns training system can help you get moving pain free – and advance your athletic ability.

It starts with releasing then correcting posture, before progressing into dynamic movement. This approach creates a path of structural integrity and strength that lasts.

(Founded by Naudi Aguilar)



I’m Sam Lightfoot of Lightfoot Functional Fitness. I’m a level 3 Human Biomechanics Specialist certified with Functional Patterns.
My passion is human movement and to be able to sustain optimal movement for as long as I live. With this multi facet system of functional training I believe I will help set you on a path of strength and longevity.


Myofascial Release

  • Release restrictions in preparation to rewire in new fascia/muscle connections/chains.

Corrective Exercise

  • Correcting posture and bringing the body back into balance using corrective and foundational exercises.

  • This is where we structurally integrate the body by connecting new fascia/muscle chains and sling systems that are missing.

Dynamic Movement

  • Start learning the foundation of dynamic movement setting in-place quality movement patterns, deepening new connections which helps with every day human movement.

Multi Planar Dynamic Movement

  • With a new level of balance, strength and physical intelligence we will progress up to multi plane dynamic and powerful functional movement patterns, using an array of tools to test and deepen connections.


Humans use rotational forces through all planes of motion in almost everything we do. Whether it be carrying groceries, lifting your kids, working as a tradie or playing a sport; running, climbing, surfing. Whatever your lifestyle, it’s important the type of training you choose is one that best optimises those movements to enhance your life.


I'm passionate about the role of Posture in training and how by correcting it, it can help create balance, reduce injury and provide sustainability in the body throughout a lifetime.


I have the ability to work both gently and vigorously by tuning into clients and knowing when to push or slow it down. I have a strong attention to form which ensures you do not train through muscular imbalances that may cause injury.



I use the Functional Patterns
Training System (Founded by Naudi Aguilar)

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