Hi, I'm Sam

Human movement has always been a massive part of my life. I was still
in my Mum’s tummy and the doctor said; “You’ve either got a football
player or a ballerina.” – I couldn't stop moving.

I cried until I could crawl and I started crawling at the very early age of
3 months. Destined for human movement to be my occupation, I would
escape from my bassinet by doing a chin up and pulling myself over it.

 Like most kids, I played soccer, football, rode my bike and crashed it a
lot and just loved running around. I was also sponsored for skateboarding
and surfing at different times of my life. I still head out for a surf at any

Music was also a big part of my life. I sang in a Ska band from the age of
17 till around 20 then learnt how to play guitar and started writing songs.
Played in a few other bands and did some acoustic gigs but my life was
veering more towards the martial arts.

 I got into martial arts at the age of 25. I first studied Jeet Kune Do and
moved on to an eclectic system that is Wing Chun based and includes
Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Western style boxing, sweeps and throws
along with weaponry. As my passion grew, I became a Martial Arts
Instructor at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation under Sifu Rick Spain
for many years.

This is where my journey started as a Personal Trainer, building on
kickboxing and functional training techniques I’d learnt at the academy.
I became an accredited Personal Trainer, and through word of mouth
developed a strong client base. I am really passionate about giving clients personal care along with a whole body workout. 
I love researching, developing new skills and creating an ever-evolving
repertoire of workouts to keep my clients on their toes.

 In recent years I’ve had to temporarily stop training in the martial arts due
to over training and training through injuries and deficiencies which lead
to the breakdown of my body.

 In January 2015, I discovered Naudi Aguilar’s Functional Patterns Training
system. The system is helping me clear my deficiencies through Corrective Exercises and Self Myofascial release. I had to start from scratch. Get my
posture in order. Make sure I activate the right muscles for the movement
pattern I was doing in order not to over compensate. (Easier said than done)
I had to be very aggressive with making sure my transverse abdomen, Glutes
and scapula (mid traps) were switched on through most phases of exercise. Basically, slowly turning my deficiencies into efficiency.

 I’m passionate about functional training with structural integrity and how it
can help create balance and sustainability in the body throughout a lifetime.
To learn, share, educate and help people with the benefit of Posture Through Motion is important to me. For the first time in a long time I feel like my body
is coming into balance and not in some sort of deficient pain.

I’m still a work in progress but enjoying the progress that’s working.


  • Functional Patterns
    Human Biomechanics Specialist (Semester 2)

  • Punchpad Boxing Padwork instructor

  • Cert. IV Personal Trainer

  • Cert. III Fitness

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

  • CPR Certificate

  • Registered & Insured Fitness Professional



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